Long Distance Moving


When you are pulling off a long distance moving, the word ‘easy’ is not going to be anywhere in the whole equation if you are doing it by yourself. Things ranging from packing, taking care of the valuables while they are being transported to a very far destination and then unpacking them will drain a lot of your time and energy. The long distance will be enough to make you feel tired, but we can help!

Distance Doesn’t Matter When You Choose Us

Hardy Moving & Storage has been successfully pulling off long distance moving for our clients for over 27 years now. Which means you need to point us in the direction and we will move your items there (sometimes even before you reach there, that’s how fast we are). We assure you that careful handling of your valuables and safely transporting them to your desired state will be our paramount priority.

Our team is not only fully trained, but they are efficient and fast! So all you need to do is to contact us, let us know where you want to move, and we will provide you with the free estimate. This will help you decide quickly.

Once you hire us, we will help you with everything ranging from prepping your valuables and loading them onto our trucks to moving them to your new location and then unloading them; it’s that easy!

long distance moving
long distance moving


Have a moving professional discuss your move & provide you a guaranteed price now!

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