Elisabeth Silverthorne

Beach Food Pantry
Hardy Moving & Storage is a integral part of our Dare County charitable community! They have taken part in fundraising events as participants and sponsors. They have provided services and expertise we otherwise wouldn't have access to. And, they have helped to make projects happen that otherwise wouldn't have. A great example of this is a 36,000 pound pasta donation that we received from a corporate sponsor and we had to go pick up in SC. Hardy Moving & Storage has been with us all the way on this! They helped us understand what type of transport we'd need to go pick the donation up. Using their contacts, they helped us arrange for a better price from the trucking company. They've delivered pallets to our physical location as we have needed them and arranged for us to come pick up product as needed for other groups. And, they have been our storage partner on this project. As you can imagine, 36,000 pounds is quite a logistical challenge, especially for a relatively small organization like ours. Because of Hardy Moving & Storage's help, every group that is fighting hunger in Dare County benefited with additional product for their clients. Our Summer Food for Kids program had additional product to send home to help fight hunger in school-age kids over the summer. We even had groups in neighboring counties, in Virginia, and as far away as Massachusetts that have benefited from this donation. With an average of 1 in 7 people in the US utilizing food pantries, donations like this are crucial. We would not have been able to accept this donation of pasta without the help of Hardy Moving & Storage. It's community partners like them that make living in Dare County such a privilege!!! And, when you get a chance, ask them about the time they pulled a plane!!!!
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