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Such care and professionalism!
Hardy Moving & Storage have moved my parents a few times, both of my sisters a few times and myself several times, once across the country, always with my grand piano. The latest move was down to the east coast to Florida, a huge relocation for us. Charles and the AMAZING crew handled our move as if they were doing it for their mother. Such care and professionalism, and also friendly and fun to work with. They solved "problems" and brought everything they needed to collect our life and then safely, swiftly and with gracious, fun and professional attitude, all the way down to Florida. Nothing was broken. Nothing lost. Everything happened as scheduled - and that wasn't easy with Covid, the weather, the volume of folks relocating these days. They would get 10 stars if I could mark it that way. Perfect in every way. Even the price. You can't buy perfection anyway. Thank you Charles and Hardy Moving & Storage Crew, you all rocked it. Thanks you guys. We're happy in FL - saw Charles and Barbara at the Ocrafolk Festival. We'll be back for the Fig Fest first weekend of August, maybe we'll see ya again.
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